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School Supplies

School Supplies

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Without access to basic school supplies like paper and pencils, children will lack the tools necessary to learn. By giving this gift on behalf of a friend or loved one you will be ensuring a child’s access to supplies like: pencils, pens, backpacks, paper, note pads and school books. 

When you buy school supplies for a child through SOS Charity Gifts, you are supporting SOS Children’s Villages Family Strengthening Programs in: Central America, South America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, South Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa and the Middle East. These representative gifts will provide SOS Children’s Villages with the financial means to empower someone in the world who truly needs our help. We will use your gift where it will have the greatest impact in making lasting positive change, and will utilize your donation where the need is greatest.

Each package of school supplies is purchased in the region where it is needed the most. SOS Children’s Villages ensures that its Family Strengthening Programs  have the resources and/or training needed to ensure the provision of school supplies. When more school supplies are given than a community needs, SOS Children’s Villages will ensure that your gift will provide similar assistance to people in different communities or will be used to meet additional needs in that same project. 

So start building your gift basket and make a difference in the lives of children and families in need!

(Includes: backpack, pencils, pens, paper, note pads, school books, etc...)

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School Supplies

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The gift will be used to support the work SOS Children’s Villages Canada raising orphaned and abandoned children, supporting families at risk to prevent child abandonment around the world.