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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Gift Catalogue that is not addressed here, email us at or call 1-800-757-5111.

How do SOS Children’s Villages gifts work?

By purchasing a gift, you are providing the financial means for SOS Children’s Villages to help children in need. In exchange, your gift recipient will receive a lovely greeting email to show what gift has been given in their name. All you need to do is select a gift, complete the purchase, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is meant by a representative gift?

It means your gift is representative or demonstrational of the support we provide for children and families in need. SOS Children’s Villages is committed to spending your funds wisely – on things and services and programs that are needed most. It will not always mean the purchase of goats or bicycles will equal donations made.

We present items that are the most interesting for our gift catalogue so that more people like you, who really want to support abandoned and orphaned children, will participate.

The catalogue is a fun way for you to get involved; it educates and in the end, it supports children in need. We provide so much more than what is in our catalogue to children and families in need. You funds will help prevent child abandonment, and raise abandoned and orphaned children in our SOS Villages.

Can you explain how the
gifts help children?

When you purchase a gift item, funds are channeled to the broad range of programs in the communities we support. The projects or programs go beyond the simple provision of items; they also include training, construction, project monitoring and evaluation - everything a family needs to help their children grow up healthy.

How are the Gift Catalogue items selected?

We selected items based on what is provided to support our Family Strengthening Programs and based on what appeals to Canadians to give. These items help us spread the word about the great work we do on behalf of vulnerable children. We do so much more to help children, but we feel these items are fun, educational and interesting to share with friends.

How are prices determined for items in the Gift Catalogue?

The prices for items are based upon real full costs of the items in the field including delivery and husbandry and pens for animals. All our items are based upon real activities of our Family Strengthening Programs around the world.

Nutrition training and education are included in the cost of livestock, trees, seeds and tools so that beneficiaries can gain the most benefit from your gift. This ensures that our Family Strengthening Programs can help communities to bring about sustainable change. With training, families can use the animals and plants they are given to improve their children's health for years to come.

Can I choose which country
to send my gift?

We selected items for the Gift Catalogue that represent the work we do around the world. Because we aim to help those families and children who need us the most, we aren't able to change the description of a gift or designate to specific locations.

Transaction Related

How can I pay?

Online orders can be paid using Visa or Master Card or American Express.

Will I get a receipt with my order?

Yes, you will get a copy of the gift card that your friend will receive. You will also get a donation tax receipt as your gift is treated as a donation to SOS Children’s Villages Canada.

Do I get the tax receipt or can
I send it to the gift recipient?

Only the donor can receive the tax receipt. Charity tax receipts can only be sent to those who provide for the donation and not those who receive the gift.

When will my credit card be charged?

Immediately. We will process your payment as soon as you confirm the transaction. You gift receipt will be sent within one hour time of completing the purchase/donation process.

How do I know if my order
has gone through?

When your order has been completed, you will end on a thank you/confirmation page. You will also receive a receipt to the email address you provide.

Where can I make a donation to SOS Children’s Villages?

You can make an additional donation as part of the process while making the donation for the gift, or you can use this form to make a separate donation.

How do I opt-in/opt-out of email updates?

Simply call SOS Children’s Villages Canada at 1-800-767-5111 Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm EST. Or use our update contact information form to complete your preferences.

Gift Process Related

If I buy a gift on behalf of a friend or relative, how will
that person be notified?

You will be notified by email with a copy of the gift notification (certificate) that your friend/family member will receive. You can choose the date of notification. You can also choose to print the ecard and include it as part of a mailing you do directly to your friend.

Can I send a card with my gift?

You can send an ecard to a friend or family member. This ecard will show your loved one that you gave an extraordinary gift in their honour. You can also choose to print the ecard and include it as part of a mailing you do directly to your friend.

Can I put a message in my card?

Yes! You will be able to personalize your card during the selection process.

Can my card be delivered overseas?

Yes. Just make sure that the correct e-mail address is entered into the appropriate fields when you place your order.

Can I get the delivery of my card delayed so that it is sent on a certain date?

Yes, you can select the date you would like to send the gift recipient their notification.

Is HST, PST or GST charged?

No. Your purchase of an item is a donation to SOS Children’s Villages Canada, so no taxes are charged.

Is the Gift Catalogue available year round?

All items are available throughout the year and make excellent gifts for any occasion. Please visit for new gift choices over the course of the year.

Can I send a gift from the Gift Catalogue to my sponsored child?

Gifts featured in the catalogue are representative and we are not able to send them to specific sponsored children.

If you would like to provide a gift for your sponsored child, call 1-800-767-5111. Each SOS sponsored child has a gift fund that helps them with the transition to independence.