A Gift of a Child Sponsorship

Do you want to bring change to the world and let someone else witness the change?

This is what a gift of child sponsorship provides.  Your gift will help bring an SOS mother, a home, an education, clean clothes and good nutritious food to a child in need.

Your gift recipient will receive the child sponsorship welcome package and updates twice a year.

You will receive the charitable receipt and any correspondence with regards to the processing of the donation.

Because this is a commitment to a child and because we need to send some information by mail to your gift recipient, we need to collect a little more information, so we ask that you call our national office at 1-800-767-5111 and speak to Tammy at extension 510 to arrange this gift.

We also ask that you make a minimum one year commitment for child sponsorship gifts. This means we will set you up with an annual donation of $432 (12 months X $36 a month). After the first year you will receive a renewal notice. At this time, you can adjust the gift to a monthly payment if you wish.

Sponsor a child now and share the learning and joy child sponsorship can bring.