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Mother's Day Gifts

Our Mother's Day gifts are selected to leave a warm and fuzzy feeling.  The same feeling you get when you give your mother or friend on of our gifts.  These gifts help children in need, with life saving programs or increase health certainty or increased education.  
Either way, you are telling your mother you appreciate all she has done for you, without cluttering up her world.

Mother's Day Gifts | Regular Medical Check-ups for Pregnant Mother —


By ensuring that pregnant women have regular access to trained medical professionals, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of complications during pregna...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Sheep —


For a family living in extreme poverty, a sheep is an incredible blessing.  These animals are a rich source of warm wool, protein-rich meat, and milk. Sheep also ha...

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Mother's Day Gifts | A Bike —


For many of us, one of our first childhood memories with our mother is learning how to ride a bike. But for children living in poverty, a bicycle can be much more t...

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Mother's Day Gifts | School Supplies —


All Mothers love ensuring a child’s access to supplies like: pencils, pens, backpacks, paper, note pads and school books. 

When you buy school supplies for a...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Life Saving Nourishment for a Child —


For a child suffering from malnutrition, access to protein rich nutritional supplements can mean the difference between life and death. This package of supplements ...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Personal Hygiene Kit for Children —


By purchasing this personal hygiene kit you will be providing a child with a package of personal hygiene products, which include items like: tooth brush, tooth past...

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