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Mother's Day Gifts | A Bike —


For many of us, one of our first childhood memories with our mother is learning how to ride a bike. But for children living in poverty, a bicycle can be much more t...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Personal Hygiene Kit for Children —


By purchasing this personal hygiene kit you will be providing a child with a package of personal hygiene products, which include items like: tooth brush, tooth past...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Regular Medical Check-ups for Pregnant Mother —


By ensuring that pregnant women have regular access to trained medical professionals, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of complications during pregna...

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Mother's Day Gifts | School Supplies —


All Mothers love ensuring a child’s access to supplies like: pencils, pens, backpacks, paper, note pads and school books. 

Your mother likely loves gifts of ...

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Mother's Day Gifts | Sheep —


For a family living in extreme poverty, a sheep is an incredible blessing.  These animals are a rich source of warm wool, protein-rich meat, and milk. Sheep also ha...

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